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By THE HUSTLE, 11/10/18, 11:30AM EST


During the '17-'18 prep school basketball season, a new set of rankings seemed to emerge each week. Most of the time, they weren't even "polls" but simply a reflection of one man's opinion. 

Instead of perpetuating the issue and dividing things even further, we attempted to bring a group of guys together who know the national prep hoops landscape better than anyone. Shockingly, every coach was prompt and passionate in their response to the idea.

After a diverse panel of 10 coaches from across the country was put together, we agreed that the poll would be updated each month during the prep season.  A basic point system was developed. 

1st Place: 10 Pts              6th: 5 Pts

2nd: 9 Pts                             7th: 4 Pts

3rd: 8 Pts                              8th: 3 Pts

4th: 7 Pts                              9th: 2 Pts

5th: 6 Pts                              10th: 1 Pt

Everyone's Top-10 was submitted, the numbers were applied and The National Prep Coaches Poll was established.

Here are our '18-'19 Preseason Rankings: