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-Always remain fluid and there will never be scheduled updates...

-Expand as the year goes on...

-Feature incoming prospects as soon as their decision to transfer to a New England Prep School has become official BUT...

-Include an asterisk next to the prospect's name until they have been evaluated live on multiple occasions BECAUSE The Hustle's Rankings...

-WILL NEVER cheat young prospects or bastardize the scouting process by allowing the opinions of their coach -or an opposing coach- to outweigh the true product on the court. The Hustle WILL NEVER be a puppet...

- Encourage ALL PLAYERS to use these rankings as motivation to improve your skillsets. Whether it means moving up or refusing to be surpassed, these rankings should always serve as motivation and never serve as validation...

-Encourage ALL PLAYERS who have questions or would like further information about their ranking to reach out via text, Twitter or whenever you see me in person. Because, at the end of the day....

The Hustle is here for you -THE PLAYERS- and will always be willing to assist you -THE PLAYERS- in any way, shape or form as you develop your skillsets both on and off the court!

1. Kyle Filipowski, 6’10” Wing, Wilbraham DUKE

2. Alex Karaban, 6’8” Wing, IMG UCONN

3. Chase Ross, 6’4” PG/Wing, Cushing MARQUETTE

4. Desmond Claude, 6’5” PG/Wing, Putnam Science XAVIER

5. Donovan Clingan, 7’2” Big, Bristol Central UCONN  

6. Dasonte Bowen, 6’3” PG/Wing, Brewster IOWA

7. Dom Campbell, 6’9” Big, Exeter NOTRE DAME

8. Rowan Brumbaugh, 6’2” Point Guard, NMH TEXAS

9. Lukas Gudavicius, 6’9” Wing, Avon Old Farms BETHUNE COOKMAN

10. Reed Bailey, 6’11” Wing, Brewster DAVIDSON

11. Preston Murphy Jr, 6’2” Point Guard, Combine Academy

12. Danny Wolf, 6’10” Big/Wing, NMH

13. Avery Brown, 6’3” Point Guard, NMH

14. Luke Hunger, 6’10” Big, NMH NORTHWESTERN

15. Matt Filipowski, 7’ Big, Wilbraham HARVARD

16. Josh Rivera, 6'7" Wing, Putnam Science

17. Barry Evans Jr, 6’7” Wing, Putnam Science ST BONAVENTURE

18. Josh Morissette, 6’4” Wing, Exeter WOFFORD

19. Mike Rogan, 6'7" Wing, South Kent FAIRFIELD

20. Peter Carey, 6’10” Big, NMH SYRACUSE

21. Bube Momah, 6’7” Wingspan Big Man, Brewster LEHIGH

22. Isaiah Earl, 6’8” Wing, Springfield-Commonwealth

23. Brendan Coyle, 6'6" Wing, Cushing 

24. Josh Baldwin, 6’6” Wing, Belmont Hill CORNELL

25. Brady Cummins, 6’6” Wing, Brooks COLGATE

26. Will Batchelder, 5’10” Point Guard, Governor’s  HOLY CROSS

27. Kalu Anya, 6'7" Wing, IMG BROWN

28. Blair Thompson, 6’7” Wing, NMH COLUMBIA

29. Dion Brown, 6’2” Point Guard, Vermont UMBC

30. Arturo Dean, 5'10" Point Guard, Putnam Science

31. Marcus Jackson, 6'2" Point Guard, Cushing

32. Max Majerle, 6'4" Wing, Brewster

33. Juju Ramirez, 6'9" Big/Wing, New Hampton 

34. Tyshawn Trail, 6'3" Wing, Woodstock   

35. Dashon Gittens, 6’4” Wing, Putnam Science FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL

36. Momo Cisse, 7'1" Big, Putnam Science SMU

37. Jabari Nurse, 6’5” Wing, New Hampton

38. Dominic Strother, 6’10” Wing, Woodstock

39. Amarri Tice, 6’6” Wing, South Kent

40. Kyle Hicks, 6’4” Power Wing, New Hampton

41. Mason Jackson, 6’5” Wing, Canterbury

42. Keyshawn Mitchell, 6’8” Wing, Capital Prep

43. Jake Bender, 6’3” Wing, St George’s BRANDEIS

44. Kyle Squires, 6’8” Wing, NMH LAFAYETTE

45. Sam Kodi, 6’2” Point Guard, Bradford Christian

46. Mike Loughnane, 6’4” Wing, BC High

47. Sean Fullerton, 6'2" Point Guard, St. Andrew's MERCYHURST

48. Matt McCool, 6’8” Wing, South Kent MARIST  

49. Jarrel Okorougo, 6'5" Wing, Brimmer & May

50. Nick Townsend, 6'7" Big/Wing, Hotchkiss YALE

51. AJ Lesburt, 6’5” Wing, Bradford Christian BROWN

52. Christian Ubochi, 6'10" Big, Williston

53. Giovanni Tam, 6'10" Big, Cushing

54. Shea Doherty, 6’8” Wing, Lee

55. Mekhi Dedrick, 5’10” Point Guard, SCA

56. Deven Austin, 6’6” PG/Wing, Wilbraham PRINCETON

57. Charlie Randall, 7’ Big, Berkshire AMHERST

58. Jack Hall, 6'3" Wing, St Thomas More 

59. Trent Mosquera, 6’4” Wing, Belmont Hill LEMOYNE

60. Amari Howell, 6' Point Guard, Proctor

61. Jayson Green Jr, 6'1" Point Guard, Berkshire

62. Aidan Cammann, 6'10" Big, Andover

63. Dan Becil, 6’3” Wing, Worcester

64. Matt Boen, 6’2” PG/Wing, Cheshire

65. Torran Bosworth, 6’ Point Guard, Tilton

66. Cashman McClure, 6'2" Point Guard, Kimball Union

67. Josh Hopson, 6'9" Big, MacDuffie 

68. Darrel Yepdo, 6'2" PG/Wing, Brooks

69. Chris Rey, 6'7" Wing, Beaver Country Day

70. Abdullah Mahamed, 6'9" Big, Worcester


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