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-Always remain fluid and there will never be scheduled updates...

-Expand as the year goes on...

-Feature incoming prospects as soon as their decision to transfer to a New England Prep School has become official BUT...

-Include an asterisk next to the prospect's name until they have been evaluated live on multiple occasions BECAUSE The Hustle's Rankings...

-WILL NEVER cheat young prospects or bastardize the scouting process by allowing the opinions of their coach -or an opposing coach- to outweigh the true product on the court. The Hustle WILL NEVER be a puppet...

- Encourage ALL PLAYERS to use these rankings as motivation to improve your skillsets. Whether it means moving up or refusing to be surpassed, these rankings should always serve as motivation and never serve as validation...

-Encourage ALL PLAYERS who have questions or would like further information about their ranking to reach out via text, Twitter or whenever you see me in person. Because, at the end of the day....

The Hustle is here for you -THE PLAYERS- and will always be willing to assist you -THE PLAYERS- in any way, shape or form as you develop your skillsets both on and off the court!


 1. Terrence Clarke, 6’7” Wing, Brewster, KENTUCKY

 2Hassan Diarra, 6’4” PG/Wing, Putnam Science, TEXAS A&M 

 3. Matt Cross, 6’7” Wing, Brewster, MIAMI

 4. Jordan Geronimo, 6'6" Wing, St. Paul's (NH), INDIANA

 5. Femi Odukale, 6'5" PG/Wing, Commonwealth

 6. Kadary Richmond, 6'5" PG/Wing, Brewster, SYRACUSE

 7. Jahmyl Telfort, 6'7" Wing, New Hampton

 8. Jamal Mashburn Jr, 6’1” Wing, Brewster, MINNESOTA

 9. Marcus Dockery, 6’1” PG/Wing, Brewster, MARYLAND

 10. Myles Wilmoth, 6’10” Big/Wing, St. Andrew’s, BUTLER   

 11. Reece Brown, 6’8” Wing, Loomis   

 12. RJ Blakney, 6'6" PG/Wing, Loomis Chaffee, DAYTON

 13. Josh Gray, 6’11” Big, Putnam Science 

 14. DeMarr Langford, 6’5” Wing, Brewster, BOSTON COLLEGE

 15.  Dallion Johnson, 6’2” Wing, Phillips Academy, PENN STATE

 16. Javohn Garcia, 6'3" PG/Wing, Brewster, UMASS

 17. Nate Tabor, 6’5” PG/Wing, Legacy Charter (SC) 

 18. Corey McKeithan, 6' Point Guard, Windsor, RIDER

 19. Terrell Ard Jr, 6’7” Wing, Putnam Science

 20. Cairo McCrory, 6’5” Wing, Woodstock, UMASS

 21. Mekhi Gray, 6'5" Wing, Putnam Science, NJIT

 22. Quest Harris, 6’ Point Guard, Worcester

 23. Jared Garcia, 6’8” Big, St Thomas More, CHARLOTTE

 24. Josh Ogundele, 6’10” Big, Worcester, IOWA

 25. Ronnie DeGray, 6’8” Wing, Woodstock

 26. Vlad Goldin, 6'11" Big, Putnam Science

 27. Enoch Cheeks, 6’3” PG/Wing, Commonwealth-Springfield, ROBERT MORRIS

 28. Tyler Kolek , 6’4” Wing, St. George’s, GEORGE MASON

 29. Bol Akot, 6’ Point Guard, Proctor

 30. Aidan Carpenter, 6’5” PG/Wing, Lee Academy, SIENA 

 31. Josh Reaves, 6’5” Wing, South Kent, MOUNT ST MARY’S   

 32. Toby Okani, 6’7” Wing, Cushing

 33. Connor Barrett, 6'6" Wing, Brewster, VALPARAISO

 34. Kam Farris, 6'3" PG/Wing, Redemption Christian, ROBERT MORRIS 

 35. Melvyn Ebonkoli, 6'8" Big, Putnam Science

 36. Miles Brewster, 6’3” PG/Wing, Hotchkiss, BOSTON UNIVERSITY

 37. Sam Thomson, 6'9" Wing/Big, Brooks, COLGATE 

 38. Asa Beyah, 6'3" PG/Wing, Cheshire, CANISIUS

 39. Anthony Morales, 6'8" Wing, Beaver Country Day, BOSTON UNIVERSITY

 40. Michael Jefferson Jr, 6'7" Wing, Woodstock

 41. Jair Currie, 6’5” PG/Wing, St Thomas More

 42. Dyondre Dominguez, 6'8" Wing, Woodstock

 43. Isaiah Gray, 6'1" Point Guard, Cushing, CORNELL

 44. Judson Martindale, 6’6” Wing, Worcester Academy, HOLY CROSS 

 45. Sam SIlverstein, 6'6" Wing, Northfield-Mt Hermon, HARVARD

 46. Kazell Stewart, 6'6" Wing, Prince Tech 

 47. Ben Callahan-Gold, 6’7” Wing, Northfield-Mt Hermon

 48. Jalin Sinclair, 5’10” Point Guard, Suffield Academy LEHIGH

 49. CJ Jones, 6'5" Wing, Vermont Academy, BOSTON UNIVERSITY

 50. Jalen Leach, 6’4” PG/Wing, Tilton

 51. Matt Knowling, 6’7” Wing, East Catholic, YALE

 52. Michael Rabinovich, 6’10” Big, Worcester, HOLY CROSS

 53. Aaron Gray, 6'6" Wing, Commonwealth

 54. Jake Cook, 6’10” Big, Vermont, LIU-BROOKLYN

 55. Michael Graham, 6'9" Big, Canterbury, ELON

 56. Myles Foster, 6'7" Wingspan Big Man, Brooks

 57. Jamon Kemp, 6'6" Wing, Woodstock

 58. John Adams, 6’8” Big, Wilbraham & Monson

 59. David Jones, 6'7" Wing, Woodstock

 60. Noel Scott, 6'3" PG/Wing, Woodstock

 61. Julian Dozier, 5'9" Point Guard, Putnam Science

 62. Zach Laput, 6'4" Wing, Notre Dame-West Haven

 64. Justin Vander Baan, 7' Big, Whitinsville Christian, BOSTON COLLEGE 

 65. D'Maurian Williams, 6'5" Wing, Putnam Science

 66. Bijon Sidhu, 6'5" PG/Wing, Vermont

 67. Malachi Ndur, 6’8” Wing, Cushing, BROWN

 68Joe Moon, 6'2" Point Guard, Woodstock, BRYANT

 69. Chris Robinson, 6' Point Guard, Westminster

 70. Matteo Whelton, 6’4” Wing, Phillips Academy 

 71. Darius Ervin, 5'9" Point Guard, Northfield-Mt Hermon 

 72. Kevin Constant, 6'2" PG/Wing, Tilton

 73. Marty Silvera, 6'1" Point Guard, Putnam Science

 74. Zach Taylor, 6'3" Wing, Northfield-Mt Hermon, BROWN

 75. Kai Kostmayer, 6’8” Wing/Big, Gould

 76. Kyle Jenkins, 6'8" Wing, Hotchkiss, LAFAYETTE

 77. Cooper Creek, 6'8" Wing, Williston-Northampton 

 78. Justin Hemphill, 6'6" Wing, St Thomas More

 79. Anthony Kabala, 6’8” Wing, Redemption 

 80. Lawrence Foreman, 6'9" Big, Woodstock, RIDER

 81. Johnnie Williams IV, 6'5" Wing, Putnam Science

 82. Canberk Kavsuk, 6'8" Big, New Hampton

 83. Mikey West, 6' Point Guard, Lee

 84. Primo Spears, 6'1" PG/Wing, Windsor

 85. Keller Boothby, 6'8" Wing, Wilbraham & Monson

 86. Jalen Graham, 6’5” Wing, Hyde-Maine

 87. Erickson Bans, 5'11" Point Guard 

 88. Dante Law, 6'5" Wing, NE Prep TBD 

 89. Chad Venning, 6'10" Big, Woodstock 

 90. Felix Kloman, 6’5” Wing, Pingree

 91. Vasja Pandza, 6'8" Wing, Hotchkiss, SEATTLE

 92. Cem Kirciman, 6’8” Big/Wing, Tilton 




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