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The Hustle’s Rankings will:

-Always remain fluid and there will never be scheduled updates

-Expand as the year goes on

-Include incoming prep players once their decision to transfer to a New England Prep School is official but there will be an asterisk near their name until proper evaluations can be made

-Encourage those who don't believe they're ranked properly to reach out when you see me and use these as motivation rather than validation....

1. James Bouknight, 6’5” Wing, MacDuffie, UCONN

2. Jalen Lecque, 6’4” PG/Wing, Brewster, NC STATE

3. Akok Akok, 6’10” Wing, Putnam Science, UCONN

4. Alonzo Gaffney, 6’10” Wing, Brewster, OHIO STATE

5. Tre Mitchell, 6’9” Big, Woodstock, UMASS

6. Symir Torrence, 6'4" Point Guard, Vermont, MARQUETTE

7. Brycen Goodine, 6’3” PG/Wing, St Andrew’s,  SYRACUSE

8. Chris Ledlum, 6’6” Wing, N’field-Mt Hermon, HARVARD

9. Joel Brown, 6’1” Point Guard, Brewster, CALIFORNIA

10. Kai Jones, 6’11” Big, Brewster, TEXAS

11. Charles Coleman, 7’ Big, Dexter, EAST CAROLINA

12. Ismael Massoud, 6’8” Wing, MacDuffie, WAKE FOREST

13. Mika Adams-Woods, 6’3” PG/Wing, New Hampton, CINCINATTI

14. Tyler Burton, 6’6” Wing, Marianapolis, RICHMOND

15. Trey Anderson, 6’7” Wing, Woodstock, SOUTH CAROLINA

16. Noah Kamba, 6’1” Point Guard, Dexter, MURRAY STATE

17. Daniel Buie, 6’2” PG/Wing, Gould, NORTHWESTERN

18. Idan Tretout, 6’3” Wing, Wilbra.& Monson, HARVARD 

19. Russel Tchewa, 7’ Big, Putnam, TEXAS TECH 

20. Anthony Walker, 6’8” Big, Brewster, MIAMI

21. Bas Leyte, 6’10” Big, New Hampton, UNC-GREENSBORO

22. Hason Ward6’9” Wingspan Big Man, Springfield Central, VCU 

23. Tyson Etienne, 6’2” PG/Wing, Putnam Science, WICHITA STATE

24. Maxwell Lorca-Lloyd, 6’9” Big, N’field-Mt Hermon PENN

25. Moses Flowers, 6’1” Point Guard, Thayer, HARTFORD

26. Cam Krystkowiak, 6’10” Wing/Big, N’field-Mt Hermon, DARTMOUTH

27. Wildens Leveque, 6’9” Big, Gould, SOUTH CAROLINA

28. Preston Santos, 6’6” Wing, Woodstock, UMASS 

29. Noah Fernandes, 6’ Point Guard, Woodstock, WICHITA STATE 

30. Charles Pride, 6’4” Wing, Putnam Science, BRYANT

31. Tyson Walker, 5’10” Point Guard, New Hampton, NORTHEASTERN

32. Mitch Doherty, 6’8” Big, Worcester, ALBANY

33. Tre Williams, 6’7” Big/Wing, Woodstock, INDIANA STATE

34. Byron Breland III, 6’5” Wing, Hamden Hall, NJIT

35. Daman Tate, 6’5” Wing, Cushing, BOSTON UNIVERSITY

36. Anthony Selden, 6’6” Wing, Tilton, GARDNER-WEBB

37. Jacob Toppin, 6’8” Wing, Woodstock, RHODE ISLAND

38. Brendan McGuire, 6’7” Wing, St. Thomas More, QUINNIPIAC

39. Kareem Reid, 6'9" Wingspan Big Man, Putnam Science, GARDNER-WEBB

40. Qwanzi Samuels, 6’8” Wing, Loomis Chaffee, FGCU

41. Tyler Thomas, 6’4” PG/Wing,Williston, SACRED HEART

42. Zane Meeks, 6'9" Wing/Bg, Brewster, NEVADA  

43. Levar Williams, 6’ Point Guard, Burke, NJIT

44. TJ Weeks, 6'5" Wing, Woodstock, UMASS

45. Tommy O’Neil, 6’8” Wing, Vermont, HARVARD

46. Jaylin Hunter, 6’3” PG/Wing, East Catholic, OLD DOMINION

47. Jordan Jones, 6’5” Wing, Exeter, CORNELL

48. John Buggs III, 6’2” PG/Wing, Putnam Science, UMASS

49. Xavier Wilson, 6’8” Wing, Hotchkiss, CENTRAL CT

50. Rivaldo Soares, 6’5” Wing, O’Bryant

51. Cam Shockley-Okeke, 6’5” Wing, Exeter, COLUMBIA

52. Jordan Kellier, 6’6” Wing, Redemption

53. Benson Lin, 6’4” PG/Wing, St. Andrew’s 

54. Greg Dolan, 6’4” PG/Wing, N’field-Mt Hermon, CORNELL

55. Nate Stokes, 6’9” Wing/Big, Putnam, BRYANT

56.  Joe Pridgen, 6’6” Big/Wing, Governors, HOLY CROSS

57. Joel Soriano, 6’10” Big, St Thomas More, FORDHAM

58. Ody Oguwamu, 6’9” Big, Woodstock, WAKE FOREST

59. Mykal Derring, 6’2” PG/Wing, Proctor, MERRIMACK

60. Jordan Minor, 6’8” Big, Brimmer, MERRIMACK

61. Marial Mading, 6’10” Wing, Commonwealth

62. Jeremy Robinson, 6’5” Wing, Woodstock

63. Pearson Parker, 6' Point Guard, Exeter, COLGATE 

64. Marcus Filien, 6’9” Big , Phillips, CORNELL

65. D. Jordan-Thomas, 6’7”Wingspan Big Man, Woodstock, WAGNER

66. Wayne Bristol Jr., 6’5” Wing, St. Thomas More, HOWARD

67. Eric Beckett, 6’5” Wing,Tilton, VERMONT

68. Travis Evee, 6’ PG/Wing, Vermont, VMI

69. Sean Conway, 6’6” Wing, Cushing, VMI

70. Ben Baker-McCann, 6’3” Wing, Brewster

71. Jeff Planutis, 6’5” Wing, Woodstock

72. Mikal Gjerde, 6’7” Wing, Woodstock, SAN DIEGO

73. Kelton Samore, 6’9” Wing, Bridgton, AMERICAN

74. Jordan Mason, 6’4” Wing, Dexter, WAGNER

75. Kyle Murphy, 6’6” Wing, Cushing

76. Ciaran Sandy, 6’6” Wing, Avon Old Farms, HOLY CROSS

77. Romar Reid, 6’2” PG/Wing, Woodstock, MANHATTAN

78. Tony Goodwin, 6’5” Wing, Redemption

79. Johnny McCoy, 6’5” Wing, Tilton, DELAWARE

80. Alex Stoddard, 6’5” Wing, Wellesley (MA)

81. Jordan McCallister, 6’4” Wing, Worcester, PACE

82. Luis Mora, 6’2” PG/Wing, Redemption

83. Connor Raines, 6’6” Wing, Notre Dame-West Haven, UT-RIO GRANDE

84. Christian Adams, 6’6” Wing, Hamden Hall, PACE

85. Eden Holt, 5’10” Point Guard, Redemption












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